Our Team

Owners and founders Mary Ellen Landolfi and Stacy Reagan have been collaborating since their undergraduate days at Drew University. They developed their writing, editing and design expertise while working in the areas of business journalism and corporate publications.  They've brought these skills to authors, consultants and entrepreneurs who are looking to reach wider audiences through publishing books, e-books and other content.


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In-house Expertise

We founded The Write Room, LLC to fill a need for specialized editing services from small to medium businesses, consultants, writers, authors and entrepreneurs. With 40 years combined experience in editing and publishing allows us to collaborate with our clients on a variety of editing and publishing projects.

Complete Project Solutions.  

Through our customized editing and publishing solutions, we work with you throughout each step of your publishing project. In addition, in our partnerships with other skilled professionals, including photographers, graphic designers, and web experts, our team can work with you to create a complete solution for your book or other project.

Technical Specialties.  

Our team includes business editors and bio-pharmaceutical/medical editors who can work with your in-house marketing and editorial departments on  projects in the medical and healthcare fields.

Self-Publishing: The Game Changer

The evolution of the online self-publishing platform has streamlined the process of writing and producing a book. But self published authors must now take on the tasks that a traditional publishing house would provide. ISBN purchasing, deciding on a publishing platform, cover design, print manuscript design, editing, proofreading, marketing -- these are all time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming tasks that must be done.

Regardless of what type of book you're writing - whether it's a self-help manual, a sales consulting how-to, or a high-paced thriller - you need to engage your audience from the moment they see the front cover and give them a book that will compel them to return for your next volume.

We'll work with you to create a customized set of services, from editing and formatting to an entire self-publishing package - to help you meet your self-publishing goals and bring your best work to your audience.





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