The 6 P’s of Publication

We've had some requests to do a blog series on writing and publishing a book— an increasingly common goal and one that has become infinitely more attainable with the advent of self-publishing. There are six basic steps we follow to help our clients navigate the entire process — we can call them the six P's…
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Launch of The Leaf People

book launchCongratulations to author Martin Link on the spectacular launch of his book The Leaf People. The lavishly illustrated childrens book tells of a group of friends who are transported to another world where they meet the Leaf People and learn about acceptance, tolerance and friendship.

The event was lovely -- perfect setting, spectacular food and a chance to meet the characters! Kudos Martin on a great book and a wonderful evening!

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Summer networking: Five tips for navigating a business card exchange

Several local business card exchanges are on my schedule over the next few weeks. They seem to be popular events, particularly in the summer, possibly because they don't require a large amount of planning from the host organization. Plus, I've found they're usually good events to attend if you're pressed for time or have family…
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Add to your wishlist

    Amazon best-selling author Dee Ernst has just released her latest book, A Slight Change of Plan. Showcasing her storytelling genius, Dee once again brings you characters that feel like people you know, with a storyline that will keep you reading long past bedtime. This book is one to buy for yourself or give…
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