• keep your audience up-to-date

    keep your audience up-to-date

    Authors need exposure--we can help your readers find you.   We love this endorsement from Amazon-best selling author Dee Ernst…

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  • business reports and presentations

    business reports and presentations

    Seize the opportunity to "wow" your colleagues and your customers   Preparing a report for higher-ups or a presentation to deliver…

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  • Multi-media for maximum impact

    Multi-media for maximum impact

    It is hard to beat video for impact and versatility. As one of the fastest-growing marketing tools to drive traffic…

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  • book collaboration and ghostwriting

    book collaboration and ghostwriting

    Showcasing your expertise and telling your story   For many of you in business today, a book or an ebook,…

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  • case studies & white papers

    case studies & white papers

    In-depth reasons to choose your company Need to showcase your services? The old adage "Show; don't tell" is still good…

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  • articles and media releases

    articles and media releases

    Your story can turn readers into customers. For a small business, a press release should be more than just the…

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  • newsletters


    Stay in front of your customers with informative, engaging content.   For unobtrusive, recurring customer contact, it's tough to beat…

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  • technical info with automation

    technical info with automation

    Give your customers the information they need to select your company.   Specialty IV nursing company Infusion Care Experts had a…

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  • Facebook, Twitter and blog posts

    Facebook, Twitter and blog posts

    Engaging your customers on their terms   Social media is one of those things that most people feel strongly about—like…

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