Non-Fiction Book Collaboration


Showcasing your expertise


Savvy businesses and entrepreneurs know that writing and publishing a book can be an effective marketing tool and an excellent way to elevate your brand.  Coaches and consultants have discovered that publishing a book helps them to be recognized as an expert in their field, niche or industry, and also provides a connection with potential new clients.

But writing a book is not a quick and easy process. Hiring our team to help you work through the process can reduce your time to publication drastically. Whether you're starting out with a series of articles, blog posts, or you have a partially completed manuscript or outline, our editorial team will work along with you to write and edit your non-fiction manuscript and can also help you with the self-publishing process on any of a number of platforms.

Our non-fiction editing and consulting clients include fitness experts, wellness and health care professionals, business and marketing consultants, and other self-help professionals.

We only accept a limited number of book collaboration clients per year.  Contact us to discuss our current availability.



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