• Self-Publishing Services
    Writing a book is just the beginning Typing "The End" on the last page of your completed manuscript is a gratifying moment for any writer. Whether you're writing fiction or non-fiction, completing your manuscript is just one step in the publication process. The self-publishing process is now much easier and more cost-effective than it was even a decade ago. However, 
  • Non-Fiction Book Collaboration
      Showcasing your expertise   Savvy businesses and entrepreneurs know that writing and publishing a book can be an effective marketing tool and an excellent way to elevate your brand.  Coaches and consultants have discovered that publishing a book helps them to be recognized as an expert in their field, niche or industry, and also provides a connection with potential 
  • Technical and Medical Editing
    Technical and Medical Editing Services We offer several customized services for technical, medical and pharmaceutical clients. Our experienced editorial team includes both technical editors and medical editors (American Medical Writers Association Certified). Among our services are: Pharmaceutical proofreading for web content and printed publications Editing (web content, marketing content) for specialty medical clients Indexing Technical proofreading (telecom, IT, software) Our 
  • Editing & Proofreading
    Having a good editor is an essential part of publishing, whether you're writing a short e-book for your customers or a 300- page novel. Every writer of fiction and non-fiction must have their work edited before publication, whether you are seeking an agent to represent your work or you're choosing to self-publish your own material. Presenting work that is unpolished